Flotilla for “Free Journalists”

Are there any more flotillas in our sea? Are there any more free people in our world? The “Reporters Without Bounds” (Lebanon based) Group call on all the Lebanese and free people of the world to participate in a campaign to launch the “Flotilla for Free Journalists”, which will cross the sea toward Gaza-Palestine, to deliver aid and educational material for the besieged children of Palestine. The flotilla will also transfer journalists to cover and report on the humanitarian situation under the blockade in Gaza-Palestine. In view of the carnage perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against the Freedom Flotilla, and its seizure of the ships of the Fraternity Flotilla as well as the ships of the Freedom Flotilla, the “JWB” Movement is facing difficulty in securing ships from Lebanon and the Arab countries. The “Free Palestine” Movement and “Reporters Without Bounds” Group ask you to contribute to the launch of a flotilla for Free Journalists, through: 1 – Subscription for the rental or purchase of a ship, starting from 10 USD for the sake of freedom. 2 – Donation of stationery and educational material for children. 3- Ship-owners who wish to donate, rent, or sell their ships, please contact us. “Reporters without Bounds” also calls the colleagues and the institutions that wish to participate in the voyage of the “Free Journalists” Flotilla to kindly book their seats from now. The “Naji AL Ali” flotilla will depart this week. (starting Monday 07-06-2010). We will be glad to receive international journalists on board, for further information pls call us. “Free Palestine” Movement “Reporters Without Bounds”


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