Dear colleagues:

We thank all who have and will support us in the launching of “Naji Al Ali Flotilla” toward Gaza. Our aim is to bring Handala’s back to Gaza, to end the siege and to shed light on the human situation on the strip. A delegation of Lebanese, Arabs, and international journalists will be on the ship. Therefore “Journalists without bounds” would like to clarify the following:

The group has no president; on the contrary to what was mentioned. We do not have a president a mistake which was done by a few journalists. What we have is a small committee which presides over the group.

We would like also to remind you that communication with the group is exclusively through our email address:

And our phone number: 0096171699778

Donations are gratefully accepted at:

Fransabank sal

Beirut – Lebanon

Hamra Branch



Reporters without Bounds” group and The “Free Palestine” movement launched “Naji Al Ali Flotilla” for free journalists, which will sail from Lebanese shores toward the besieged Gaza strip during the upcoming week. The ship will transfer 50 journalists, 25 foreign activists, and will carry humanitarian aids. To donate or participate contact 00961 71- 699778.

All Journalists are welcome to join


One Response to Dear colleagues:

  1. malak hussein says:

    i want to go with yoy ta gaza . my name malak hussein. i am a teacher. i study master (IAU)and lesans(AUCE)(HRM).i have fasebook named almawt lesrael to make a word war .

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